12 abril 2007

Dave Rowntree Running For Office

Blur drummer Dave Rowntree is running as labour's candidate for a council spot in the Marylebone area of central London.
"I've been a long-standing member of the Labour party and active in local politics for a while. I'm chairman now of my local Labour branch. I'm a Westminster resident and in my experience of living here, it all looks lovely - there are hanging baskets everywhere - but you only need to scratch the surface and see that there's a lot of deprivation and a lot of inequality around. I think someone needs to do something about it."
Rowntree is going to be facing an uphill task, since Marylebone traditionally maintains a strong Tory presence. Damon Albarn, once a loyal New Labour disciple, declined an invitation to Number 10 earlier this year by sending a refusal note that read: "I am no longer a New Labour supporter. I am now a Communist. Enjoy the schmooze, comrade."

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