12 fevereiro 2007

From the Vaults of Youtube #1

Video Description
Rare footage of the UK MOD/RnB band The Birds, featuring Ron Wood, from the film "The Deadly Bees" (1966). The screen play was written by Robert Bloch - who was also responsible for "The Birds". I wonder if this is why the director chose to use a rock band called The Birds? Another ironic touch is when the TV anchor man says "Thank you the Birds, and we all wish them the best on their forthcoming tour of America!". Funny considering that the UK Birds put an injunction on the US Byrds for loss of earnings when the latter landed at Heathrow Airport for their debut UK tour in 1965.
The Birds and the Deadly Bees
Before Ronnie Wood made his name with the Rolling Stones, he was with The Faces. And before that, he was with little-known cult British beat outfit The Birds (not to be confused with American country rockers The Byrds), whose few releases now command a hefty price on the collectors' market.They made one screen appearance in their career - oddly in this British shocker (in more ways than one) - The Deadly Bees, from 1966. Enjoy the clip, enjoy the music and enjoy the fact that Ron's hair hasn't changed in 40 years. If the clip makes you want to seek out the movie, then you're out of luck, it's not available on DVD. But worry not for two reasons. Firstly, it's regularly on TV and secondly, it's a pretty poor flick, a tale of an exhausted pop singer taking time out - but running into a swarm of "deadly bees". Once you've seen the following clip, you've seen the movie's only redeeming factor...

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Daniel Lopes disse...

Eles tem uma versão de um tema do Nino Ferrer muito boa.

Papagueno disse...

Tive que ler o texto com atenção Só conhecia os Byrds americanos e estava a estranhar. Realmente é um vídeo interessante.